Started in 1948 Münch Chemie Labor GmbH was established by Dr. Adolf Münch in 1948 with  developed activities and production to meet the requirements proposed by the Freudenberg Group.
Münch: Is the name of the family that established this company which also currently managing the business in the third generation. It has always been the ambition of the Münch family to be the no. 1 specialist for release agents. 

The industrial applications range from Elastomer processing, polyurethanes and composite materials to metal processing in die casting and wood as a raw material in the production of chipboards. 

Applications: -
  • Tyre Industry
  • Technical Parts
  • Automotive Suppliers
  • Rubber-metal Components
  • Shoe Industry
  • Furniture Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry

We offer their External Release Agents to tyre and Non tyre Industry
Tyre is more than just moulded rubber; it is a safety-relevant component that, through its quality, has a major and even decisive impact on a vehicle’s properties. The product must not be influenced by its process aids so that the development of the tyre leads to the desired results and the product’s properties remain constant. We at Münch Chemie International have understood this. In this way, various release agents have been designed so that they do not affect the vulcanisation process, even if, despite all precautionary measures, they should get into pleats and joints. Basically, the product range developed by Münch offers innovative and top-quality solutions for all areas from the mixing room as well as extrusion and tyre construction to the vulcanisation and final inspection.


Release Agents


Water-based, single-component Bladder Coating, lasts throughout the whole bladder-lifetime


IP-7040 / 7045
Inside tire paint, specifically designed to coat the green tire with a high quality inside paint


Semi-permanent water-based inside lubricant for the application either on the bladder surface or on the inside of the green tire 
TP- 6080/2-2 

Water based product to paint vulcanized tires. It is applied on the vulcanized tire which provides matt finish. 


Outside Lube OP-6166 has been specifically developed for the tire industry to treat the surface of the green tire with a high quality lubricant. Though water based and free of solvents, Outside Lube OP-6166 provides relatively short drying times


MK-224 – Mould Release Agent 
Water-based "ready-to-use" - release agent, forming a coherent release film on the mould.


MK – 2800 – Mould Release Agent
Water based ready-to-use release agent, forming coherent release film on the mould.


MK –510 / 11 – Mould Release Agent
Water-based "ready-to-use" - release agent, forming a coherent release film on the mould and this can be further dilutable with Tap Water up to 4 times.


MK –513– Mould Release Agent
Water-based "ready-to-use" - release agent, which can be further dilutable with Tap Water 1:1 ratio.

RIM Lubricant MK- YG / 20H Water based ready to use lubricant specifically developed on a mounting lubricant for the mounting of tires into rims. Lubricant MK- YG/ 20H in silicone, solvent and soap free. SARVAN offer MK-513/30, MK-513/50 and MK-513/80 depending on customer's need. Many other products on request.