NANTEX INDUSTRY CO. LTD. is a Taiwanese Company situated in Lin-Yuan Petrochemical Complex, the biggest in Taiwan. Nantex is located within short distance from its suppliers which ensures stable and regular raw material supply. Nantex produces Nitrile Rubber since June 1983, based on Technology from B.F.Goodrich, USA.

Nantex produces Nitrile Rubber in fully automated and computerised production plants under very strict production standards, which ensures stable product quality that has won the approval and confidence of customers worldover. Nantex has strictly enforced Statistical Process Control, beginning from the procurement of Raw materials all the way to the production of finished products, assuring uniformity in quality.

Nantex recognizes and embraces the policy of uplifting personnel, equipment and operational safety and environmental protection. Nantex has won `National Award for Industrial Environmental Protection' thrice and also award for National Self protection system. Nantex is accredited with ISO 9002 since 1995.

Nantex is one of the largest producer of acrylonitrile butadiene rubbers (commonly known as Nitrile Rubbers or NBR). Various grades are available depending on ACN content and Mooney viscosity. Please browse to find their brief description below . 

HIGH NTRILE: Suitable for applications oil well parts, fuel hoses, oil seals requiring low swell in aromatic fuels, oils and solvents

MEDIUM NITRILE: These are all purpose grades well balanced for oil and low temperature resistance. suitable for above listed products and Phenolic and PVC resin modification. 

LOW NITRILE: Suitable for application requiring low temperature properties with moderate resistance to oils, fuels and solvents. 

NITRILE - PVC BLENDS: These are suitable for applications such as cable jackets, hose covers requiring good abrasion, oil resistance and weatherability.

FOUR DIGIT NANCAR GRADES: These are fast curing grades with superior mould flow and dynamic properties, available in medium and low ACN content