Performance Additives Sdn. Bhd. is member of the Behn-Meyer Group for the manufacturing and marketing of specialty chemicals. Established in 1999 their state of the art manufacturing plant is located near Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Performance Additives' main expertise is in the field of specialty chemicals, predominantly for rubber- and plastics processing. The plant has a capacity to produce 5000 MT per annum of process aids which can be increased to 10,000 MT per annum by installing a second line in the same premises. Performance Additives has a very strong Research and Development division to provide their customers highest standard of excellence at all times.

Performance Additives might be a new name in the world of polymers but they have a long history of world proven expertise, reliability and strong customer relations. They keenly strive to become your one stop shop for all your processing needs.

Performance Additives offers processing additives for Rubber and Plastics which reduce cost, improve quality & uniformity and increase output.


These are fatty acid derivatives (metal soaps). The Range comprises of five products differing in composition and properties. MAJOR APPLICATIONS Mainly for use in natural rubber (the grade namely ULTRA FLOW 440 is also recommended for use in EPDM and Nitrile) as a physical peptizer/mastication for reduction in compound viscosity with internal lubrication, faster and uniform dispersion of fillers. There are grades which offer above benefits in mill - mixing also.

These are based on Polyethylene waxes, fatty acid soaps/ amide derivatives and fatty acid ester derivatives, out of these the latter type is typical and widely used. 

Applications:- These are used in a wide range of rubbers, from General Purpose Rubbers such as NR, SBR, BR, EPDM etc. to special purpose rubbers such as nitrile, neoprene to very special purpose rubbers such as HNBR, POLYACRYLIC, FKM . In respective rubbers they are highly effective in obtaining uniform filler dispersion, improving flow properties (helps in faster mould filling and extrusion) and excellent mould release.

These are Homogenising agents for improving homogeneity of polymer blends of different polarities and different viscosities. 

Applications:- These are used when blending of polymers are required.

These are chemical peptizers based on organo metal complexes and DBD, mainly for mastication of natural rubber. 

Applications:- used where oxidative viscosity reduction of natural rubber  is necessary.

These are Dispersions of various chemicals such as Dicumyl Peroxide, Magnesium Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Sulphur, few selective rubber accelerators (DPG, TMTD, MBT, MBTS) in elastomeric (EPDM)/process-aids binder.

Performance Additives offer many products for plastics under its ULTRA - PLAST range. ULTRA - PLAST range has combination of fatty acid soaps , esters and amides and their blends which help as efficient Blending and dispersing agent in highly filled systems. In addition they can be used as viscosity reducer and flow improver in unfilled polymer. The products have application in polyolefins, PVC and Several TPO systems. In addition Performance additives offers Oleomide and Erucamide and processing aids for Styrenics like ABS, PS, HIPS and SBS (Kraton).


Ultraplast™ WF
The fast growing technology of Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) for a wide variety of products requires a flexible approach in the development of additive packages.
Additives not only improve the processability of WPCs but also enhance the properties of these materials.
Performance Additives' Ultraplast™ WF range of products offers the following benefits to the WPC manufacturer:

  • Improved wood/fiber dispersion
  • Increased production output
  • Balanced dimensional stability ( die-flow)
  • Prevention of edge tearing
  • Reduction of processing temperatures through reduced torque/friction
  • Shorter fusion time
  • Better impact resistance

Ultraplast™ WF additives are specifically designed to cover a wide range of applications and processing conditions. If, however, your problem is off the chart, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or mail. Our application technologists will find a tailor made solution for you!