Polychromos offers an extensive product range of colour masterbatches for the whole range of fluoropolymers. We manufacture these masterbatches in FEP, PFA, ETFE, THV and PVDF. It is our ambition to supply high quality products that are as well cost efficient as easy to use.
LiquidC is a whole range of liquid colour dispersions, made to colour PTFE (fine powder) products such as e.g. cables, tubings and films. Liquid C only contains heavy-metal-free and high temperature resistant pigments.
Our third product range are compounds based on fluoropolymers. Together with our customers we develop custom made solutions using a variety of fillers such as carbon, glass or laser pigments and many more. If the properties and characteristics of fluoroplastic materials as such cannot meet the requirements, we might have the solution.

Polychromos BildmusterPolychromos BildmusterPolychromos BildmusterPolychromos Bildmuster


Polychromos BildmusterPolychromos BildmusterPolychromos Bildmuster

We offer their following products: -

1. Colour Masterbatches for high temperature polymers
Polychromos produces colour masterbatches based on PFA, FEP, MFA, ETFE, PVDF and THV in a variety of colours. Our colour Masterbatches are added to the natural polymer to manufacture products as e.g. coloured cables tubes and films as well as profiles and sealings.
Depending on the application 2-10% of our colour Masterbatches are added to the natural (transparent) material to achieve full colorization of the final product.
For a high quality final product it is important that the colour masterbatch matches the base resin. Accordingly we manufacture our colour masterbatches soly based on resins of the leading fluoropolymer suppliers. In case of questions which colour masterbatch works best in your application please contact us. 
2. Compounds based on High Temperature Polymers
Polychromos Compounds are resins with adopted (customized) properties compared to the original virgin materials. Using filler such as carbon or Glass added to the base resin we can optimize the characteristics of the different materials to meet customers requirements. The better we know the application the better we can support you in finding the right material for your application. Please contact us for further information.
Polychromos-Laserwrite is a unique and brand new „ready to run “colour compound which enables the manufacturer to apply a Laserwriting on the final product. With the use of a standard Nd:YAG Laser any type of marking can be easily allplied onto the final product. Especially for fluoporopolymer insulated cables where any sort of marking usually does not „stick“, Laserwrite gives you a real edge over competition. 
3. LiquidC – liquid dispersion to colour PTFE (fine powder)
LiquidC was developed to colour PTFE fine powder. The special composition formula of LiquidC allows a very good processability. LiquidC is added directly to the Nafta in which it is solved before adding it to the PTFE. The low dosage of LiquidC makes it a very cost efficient solution to colour PTFE with hardly any impact on the processability. All colour pigments used for LiquidC are heavy-metal-free and have a very good thermal stability.
Liquid C is supplied in bottles of 0,5 KG and 1,0 KG.
LiquidC was developed to colour PTFE fine powder. Available in a variety of standard colours as well as custom-made colours Liquid C is mixed with the Nafta (which is used in any PTFE fine powder production) and then added to the PTFE. We recommend to start with a concentration of10 gram of LiquidC per 1000 gram of PTFE for full colorization. All colour pigments used in LiquidC are heavy-metal-free.
The table below shows our stanard colours. We are also able to produce Liquid C in customized colours and with our Laser Pigment „Polychromos-Laserwrite“. If you cannot find your colour in the table please let us have the RAL code or a product sample for an instant quote.
Colours Available: -
Art-No. Art. Description Min. qty. Example
75900310 LiquidC „sugar white“ acc. to RAL 9003 1,0 kg
75101610 LiquidC “poison yellow” acc. to RAL 1016 1,0 kg
75102110 LiquidC “desert yellow” acc. to RAL 1021 1,0 kg  
75102810 LiquidC “sunrise yellow” acc. to RAL 1028 1,0 kg  
75200810 LiquidC “traffic orange” acc. to RAL 2009 1,0 kg  
75300110 Liquid C “ emergency red” acc. to RAL 3001 1,0 kg  
75302010 LiquidC “ devil red” acc. to RAL 3020 1,0 kg  
75400510 LiquidC “ 60`s lilac” acc. to RAL 4005 1,0 kg  
75500210 LiquidC “ deep sea blue” acc. to RAL 5002 1,0 kg  
75501710 LiquidC “pacific blue” acc. to RAL 5017 1,0 kg  
75501510 LiquidC “sunny day blue” acc. to RAL 5015 1,0 kg  
75500510 LiquidC “ artificial blue” acc. to RAL 5005 1,0 kg  
75600110 LiquidC “jungle green” acc. to RAL 6001 1,0 kg  
75601810 LiquidC “springtime green” acc. to RAL 6018 1,0 kg  
75601610 LiquidC “shamrock green” acc. to RAL 6016 1,0 kg  
75700410 LiquidC “City grey” acc. to RAL 7004 1,0 kg  
75501510 LiquidC “dark city grey” acc. to RAL 7015 1,0 kg  
75900410 LiquidC “midnight black” acc. to RAL 9004 1,0 kg