Revosync specialized in providing application solutions to customers through the use of special polymer processing additives. Revosync has set up a team of experienced and dedicated technical sales personnel equipped with strong product and application knowledge to tailor solutions to customers’ needs.

Revosync is strategically located to provide the best service to Asia. Our Headquarters are based in well established trade hub Singapore with the manufacturing plant in Shanghai with a PPA powder capacity of 500MT per year. Sales offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shangdong, and Jiangsu, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as well.

RevoSync aims to be the top leader of special polymer additives market in China. Through continuous R&D over the years RevoSync has developed a diverse and comprehensive product range for customers and is committed to constant innovation to introduce more solutions and products to the market.

FluoroSilicone Powder/Masterbatch

RevoSync’s FluoroSilicone is specially produced additive with multiple function, it is suitable for a wide range of application and plastic processing. It can be used to improve plastic processing requirements, final product quality or additional features.

On low dosage, this additive is able to effectively improve dispersion properties especially on application with high filler or where numerous additives are used. It will also improve process stability and consistency..

On high dosage, it can improve surface smoothness, scratch resistance and overall product quality.

Polymer Processing Aid

Polymer Processing Aid additive is fluoropolymer based processing aid which reduces shear stress during manufacturing of various types of polymer. It is extremely beneficial to manufacturers who wishes to improve product quality and reduce production cost and especially so in hard to process polymers such as high filler content polymers, co-extrusion etc.